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Overriding Model Parameters in a Test Case

Verify a model against a baseline using a parameter override and the Test Manager. Copyright 2015 The MathWorks, Inc.


This example shows how to override a parameter defined in a model workspace using the Test Manager and viewing its effect on model output compared to a baseline. The example model used is a modified version of a shipping Simulink® example that models the Van Der Pol Oscillator. For more information, see vdp.

Open model

mdl = 'sltestParameterOverridesExample';

Open the Test File

Open test manager using the function sltestmgr. Load the example test file named sltestParameterOverridesTestSuite.mldatx using the commands:

exampleFile = fullfile(matlabroot, ...
   'toolbox', 'simulinktest', 'simulinktestdemos', ...

Overriding a Model Parameter

Expand the test suite in the Test Browser pane and double-click the test case named Test Override. Scroll down to the Baseline Criteria section and click Capture.

Save the baseline file to a convenient location.

Expand the Parameter Overrides section in the test case and click Add.

New dialog box appears to help choose available parameters.

Click the Refresh button to display a list of available parameters. Select parameter a as shown and press OK.

The parameter a will be overridden with the Override Value when the test case runs.

Double-click the Override Value 1 and give it a new override value of 1.1.

Execution and Results

Select the test file in the Test Browser pane and click Run. In the Results and Artifacts pane, expand the results to see the Baseline Criteria Result and Sim Output.

Select Mux: 1[1] inside Baseline Criteria Result to see how overriding the parameter a affected the mux signal when compared to the captured baseline. The comparison output shows a maximum difference of approximately 0.6.

To see a summary of results and parameter overrides, double-click the test case result Test Override in the Result and Artifacts pane.

Overriding Parameters using Data Files

Navigate to the example folder directory:


Return to the test case and scroll to the Parameter Overrides section. Click the Add arrow.

Select Add File option from drop down.

Select sltestParametersOverrideData.mat file. This file contains data that can be used by the test case to override the parameters. When the test case runs, the file is loaded and the parameter values contained in the file are used.

Select a row, right-click, and select Export. This exports the variable to the MATLAB® base workspace. You can see the value of the variable in the base workspace.


close_system(mdl, 0);
clear mdl;