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Analog Devices RF Transceivers Support from MATLAB and Simulink

Simulate and verify agile RF transceivers designs with SimRF models, and predict the impact of RF imperfections on your test signals.

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The AD9361 is an agile, high-performance RF transceiver that transmits and receives wireless signals ranging from 70 MHz up to 6.0 GHz. With MATLAB® and Simulink® you can rapidly build and test communications systems. Using the SimRF™ models that have been validated in the lab with real-life measurements, you can iterate and evaluate the design prior to implementation.

SimRF Models of the AD9361 Agile RF Transceiver

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The SimRF models have been validated in the lab with power spectral measurements. The characterization of the transceiver’s noise and nonlinearity at different frequencies and power levels are identified. The models are then designed to generate the same characterizations, which validates them across the range of design.

You can use the models as design tools and test benches without needing extensive measurement campaigns on the implemented hardware. You configure the model transceiver with the same settings that you can use to program the hardware. For example, you can specify different thresholds to monitor the received signal strength, and tweak and tune the settings of the state machine for automatically controlling the gain of the receiver in manual or slow attack mode.

With the AD9361 transceiver SimRF models, you can:

  • Predict the impact of the RF imperfections on your test signals
  • Use reference tones and LTE signals
  • Generate or import test vectors and evaluate the effects of nonlinearity, noise, gain and phase imbalance, spectral leakage, and other imperfections introduced by the RF transmitter and receiver
  • Add interfering signals and evaluate the results in the time or frequency domains

Installation is automated and includes:

  • Library of the AD9361 RF transmitter and receiver Simulink blocks
  • Integration with the Filter Wizard app from Analog Devices for programming the multirate, multistage digital up and down conversion filters
  • Testbenches to simulate the behavior of the transmitter and receiver with different test signals

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