Humusoft Lab Experiment Support from Simulink

Family of lab experiments for helping students apply control engineering principles with real-time dynamic systems

You can use Simulink® to teach control system engineering with Humusoft® lab experiments. The lab experiments are designed to help students apply control engineering principles with real-time dynamic systems. Three lab experiments are available: helicopter, ball and plate, and magnetic levitation.

These lab experiments operate from Simulink and Real-Time Windows Target™. With Real-Time Windows Target, you can run Simulink models in real time and interface with physical devices. Using your Windows PC, you can create and control a system for real-time testing applications, including rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, directly from Simulink.

Humusoft lab experiments and Simulink enable students to work on sophisticated experiments, including system identification, state estimation, and adaptive, nonlinear, fuzzy, and neural network-based controller design.

Humusoft lab experiments include the following:

  • Experiment hardware:
  • Technical and educational documentation that describes corresponding mathematical models and recommended ranges for the experiments
  • Source code and example models to facilitate the development of customized controllers

Using Simulink and Humusoft lab experiments, students can develop a graphical model of a control system, monitor performance during simulation, and execute the control system in real time to observe performance with actual hardware.

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