FlightGear Preconfigured 6DoF Animation

Connect model to FlightGear flight simulator


Animation/Flight Simulator Interfaces


The FlightGear Preconfigured 6DoF Animation block lets you drive position and attitude values to a FlightGear flight simulator vehicle given double-precision values for longitude (l), latitude (μ), altitude (h), roll (ϕ), pitch (θ), and yaw (ψ), respectively.

The block is a masked subsystem containing principally a Pack net_fdm Packet for FlightGear block set for 6DoF inputs, a Send net_fdm Packet to FlightGear block, and a Simulation Pace block. To access the full capabilities of these blocks, use the individual corresponding blocks from the Aerospace Blockset™ library.

The block is additionally configured as a SimViewingDevice. If you generate code for your model using Simulink® Coder™ and connect to the running target code using external mode simulation, Simulink software can obtain the data from the target on the fly and transmit position and attitude data to FlightGear. For more information, see Sim Viewing Devices in External Mode (Simulink).

This block does not produce deployable code, but it can be used with Simulink Coder external mode as a SimViewingDevice.


FlightGear version

Select your FlightGear software version: v2.0, v2.4, v2.6, v2.8, v2.10, v2.12, v3.0, v3.2, v3.4, v2016.1, v2016.3, v2017.1.


If you are using a FlightGear version older than 2.0, the model displays a notification from the Simulink Upgrade Advisor. Consider using the Upgrade Advisor to upgrade your FlightGear version. For more information, see Supported FlightGear Versions.

Destination IP address

Specify your destination IP address.

Destination port

Specify your destination port.

Sample time

Specify the sample time (–1 for inherited).

Inputs and Outputs

InputDimension TypeDescription


VectorContains the longitude, latitude, altitude, roll, pitch, and yaw, in double-precision. Units are degrees west/north for longitude and latitude, meters above mean sea level for altitude, and radians for attitude values.


Bowditch, N., American Practical Navigator, An Epitome of Navigation, US Navy Hydrographic Office, 1802.

Introduced before R2006a

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