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Aerospace Units

The Aerospace Toolbox functions support standard measurement systems. The Unit Conversion functions provide means for converting common measurement units from one system to another, such as converting velocity from feet per second to meters per second and vice versa.

The unit conversion functions support all units listed in this table.

QuantityMKS (SI)English


meters/second2 (m/s2), kilometers/second2 (km/s2), (kilometers/hour)/second (km/h-s), g-unit (g)

inches/second2 (in/s2), feet/second2 (ft/s2), (miles/hour)/second (mph/s), g-unit (g)


radian (rad), degree (deg), revolution

radian (rad), degree (deg), revolution

Angular acceleration

radians/second2 (rad/s2), degrees/second2 (deg/s2)

radians/second2 (rad/s2), degrees/second2 (deg/s2)

Angular velocity

radians/second (rad/s), degrees/second (deg/s), revolutions/minute (rpm), revolutions/second (rps)

radians/second (rad/s), degrees/second (deg/s), revolutions/minute (rpm), revolutions/second (rps)


kilogram/meter3 (kg/m3)

pound mass/foot3 (lbm/ft3), slug/foot3 (slug/ft3), pound mass/inch3 (lbm/in3)


newton (N)

pound (lb)


meter (m)

inch (in), foot (ft), mile (mi), nautical mile (nm)


kilogram (kg)

slug (slug), pound mass (lbm)


pascal (Pa)

pound/inch2 (psi), pound/foot2 (psf), atmosphere (atm)


kelvin (K), degrees Celsius (oC)

degrees Fahrenheit (oF), degrees Rankine (oR)


meters/second (m/s), kilometers/second (km/s), kilometers/hour (km/h)

inches/second (in/sec), feet/second (ft/sec), feet/minute (ft/min), miles/hour (mph), knots