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Remove holes from shape



s = removeHoles(shapeobject,holetol) removes holes with area less than the provided tolerance from the shape.


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Create two rectangle shapes. Change the length and the center of orientation of the second rectangle to the values shown.

rect1 = antenna.Rectangle;
rect2 = antenna.Rectangle;
rect2.Length = 1e-7;
rect2.Width = 0.5
rect2 = 
  Rectangle with properties:

         Name: 'myrectangle'
       Center: [0 0]
       Length: 1.0000e-07
        Width: 0.5000
    NumPoints: 2

Subtract rectangle 1 from rectangle 2

rect3 = rect1-rect2
rect3 = 
  Polygon with properties:

        Name: 'mypolygon'
    Vertices: [9x3 double]


Remove holes from the new rectangle.

rect4 = removeHoles(rect3,1e-6)
rect4 = 
  Polygon with properties:

        Name: 'mypolygon'
    Vertices: [4x3 double]


Input Arguments

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Antenna shape with sliver outlier, specified as antenna.Circle, antenna.Rectangle, antenna.Polygon objects, antenna.Ellipse, or the shapes function.

Data Types: function_handle

Hole tolerance, specified as a nonnegative scalar.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2020b