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Generate standalone audio applications for desktop computers, mobile devices, and embedded targets

After you develop your algorithm, you can deploy your MATLAB® code or Simulink® model to:

  • Share your audio algorithm on machines that do not have MATLAB or Simulink installed

  • Speed up processing while continuing to work in the MATLAB or Simulink environment

  • Embed your algorithm in hardware

  • Incorporate your algorithm into legacy code

Use the table to help you decide how to deploy your audio algorithm. For an extended table, see Should I use MATLAB Compiler SDK, or MATLAB Coder to integrate my MATLAB application with C/C++?

Deployment Characteristic MATLAB Compiler™ MATLAB Coder™
OutputNonreadable shared librariesPortable and readable C source code
Library dependencyMATLAB RuntimeLibrary dependency only for audio I/O features: Run Audio I/O Features Outside MATLAB and Simulink
Supported platforms for deploymentWindows, Mac, and LinuxAny platform that supports ANSI/ISO C/C++ code
Intellectual property protectionPackaged code is encryptedCode is not encrypted; you can protect your IP by generating shared libraries instead of readable code
Algorithm accelerationSame speed as MATLABPotential to be faster; depends on algorithm
MATLAB graphicsSupportedNot supported

To deploy an audio plugin to a digital audio workstation, see Export a MATLAB Plugin to a DAW.

To deploy a System object™ audio plugin to Simulink, see Convert Audio Plugin System Objects to Simulink Blocks.


Run Audio I/O Features Outside MATLAB and Simulink

Set your system environment to use dynamic library files for deployed audio I/O System objects and blocks.

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