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CI Engine Project Template

The Powertrain Blockset™ software provides a project template for compression-ignition (CI) engines. Use the template to create engine variants that you can use with the internal combustion engine reference application projects. The project template contains CI engine controller and plant models.

Use the project template to create CI engine variants for these reference applications:

  • Conventional vehicle

  • Hybrid electric vehicles

  • CI engine dynamometer

To open the CI engine project template:

  1. In Simulink®, on the Simulation tab, select New > Project > New Project.

    In the Simulink start page, browse to Powertrain Blockset and select CI Engine Project.

  2. In the Create Project dialog box, in Project name, enter a project name.

  3. In Folder, enter a project folder or browse to the folder to save the project.

  4. Click OK.

    If the folder does not exist, the dialog box prompts you to create it. Click Yes.

    The software compiles the project and populates the project folders. All models and supporting files are in place for you to customize your CI or SI engine model.


The Controller folder contains the CiEngineController.slx model. The model uses the CI Controller block and a Start Stop Logic subsystem to control the CI engine plant model.


The Plant folder contains models that represent dynamic and mapped CI engines. By default, the dynamic and mapped engines are configured for a 1.5–L engine with a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT).


CiEngineCore.slx contains the engine intake system, exhaust system, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), fuel system, core engine, and turbocharger subsystems.


CiMappedEngine.slx uses the Mapped CI Engine block to look up power, air mass flow, fuel flow, exhaust temperature, efficiency, and emission performance as functions of engine speed and injected fuel mass.

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