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Generate Mapped Fuel Cell from a Spreadsheet

If you have Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ and Stateflow®, you can use the fuel cell electric vehicle reference application to generate lookup tables for the Mapped Fuel Cell block. The reference application uses fuel cell data to calibrate the fuel cell and generate the tables.

  1. If it is not opened, open the reference application.

  2. Click Generate Mapped Fuel Cell from Spreadsheet.

Step 1: Generate Mapped Fuel Cell Calibration

  1. Use the Spreadsheet file field to provide a data file. By default, the reference application has FuelCellPerformanceData.xlsx containing the data. The tables summarize the data file requirements for generating calibrated tables.


    Current command, in A


    Temperature command, in C


    Auxiliary power, in W


    Heat flow, in W


    Voltage, in V


    Hydrogen flow, in kg/s

  2. Click Generate mapped fuel cell calibration to generate response surface models in the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox and calibration in CAGE (CAlibration GEneration). CAGE and the model browser open when the process completes. To calibrate the data, Model-Based Calibration Toolbox uses templates.

    • The Model Browser provides the response model fits for the data contained in the data file, for example:

    • The CAGE Browser provides the calibrated data, for example:

Step 2: Apply Calibration to Mapped Fuel Cell Model

When you click Apply calibration to mapped fuel cell model, Powertrain Blockset™:

  • Updates the Mapped Fuel Cell block parameters with the calibrated table and breakpoint data.

  • Sets the Mapped Fuel Cell as the active variant.

  • Executes the fuel cell mapping experiment.

When the reference application fuel cell mapping completes, use the Simulation Data Inspector to verify the results.

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