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NVRAM Service Component

Configure AUTOSAR NVRAM Services and Runtime Environment (RTE) for emulation

  • NVRAM Service Component block

AUTOSAR Blockset / Classic Platform / Basic Software / NVRAM Manager (NvM)


The NVRAM Service Component block provides reference implementations of NVRAM Manager (NvM) services supported by AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) caller blocks. When coupled with NvM caller blocks, the reference implementations enable you to configure and run system-level or composition-level simulations of AUTOSAR NvM service calls.

The block has prepopulated parameters, including RTE block ID parameters and NvM NVRAM Properties parameters. Examine the parameter settings and consider if modifications are required based on how you are using the NvM service operations.


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The RTE tab table lists component client ports and their mapping to NvM service block IDs. Each row in the table represents a call into NvM services from a Basic Software caller block. Calls that act on the same NvM block use the same block ID. Check the block ID mappings. For examples of mapping NvM client ports to block IDs, see Simulate AUTOSAR Basic Software Services and Run-Time Environment.

Specify maximum number of memory blocks to use in NvM service operations.

Specify the initial values of the NvM client ports as finite, real-valued scalars or vectors. The values must be scalar, or have the same dimensions as the input signal.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b

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