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Create AUTOSAR Architecture from a Component in System Composer Model

You can convert a System Composer™ Component (System Composer) to an AUTOSAR architecture model. During conversion, you can select Classic or Adaptive Platform. For classic architecture modeling, data interfaces are supported. For adaptive architecture modeling, data interfaces and service interfaces are supported.

To convert a System Composer component to an AUTOSAR architecture model, use one of these methods:

  • In your System Composer architecture model, right-click the component and select Create AUTOSAR Architecture Model.

  • Select the component. In the toolstrip, on the Modeling tab, in the Component section, click Create AUTOSAR Architecture Model.

    Create AUTOSAR architecture model from toolstrip

  • Use the createArchitectureModel (System Composer) function with the ClassicAUTOSARArchitecture or AdaptiveAUTOSARArchitecture option for the modelType argument.

During the conversion process, inline subcomponents will be created as:

If the component being converted has a defined behavior, the conversion process updates configuration parameters for the linked implementation model to support AUTOSAR modeling. Under Solver, the Type parameter changes to Fixed-step and the Solver parameter changes to auto. Under Code Generation, the System target file changes to autosar.tlc for classic architectures or autosar_adaptive.tlc for adaptive architectures.

After the conversion, observe the AUTOSAR icon in the upper left corner. The new AUTOSAR software architecture contains the elements from the component, including the previously applied stereotypes.

New AUTOSAR architecture from conversion of System Composer component

Modeling elements in an existing System Composer component that are not supported in an AUTOSAR architecture are removed from your model during the conversion. These elements include:

  • Adapter blocks with applied interface conversions

  • Functions defined in the top level of the architecture

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