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(Removed) Convert predecessor indices to paths

graphpred2path has been removed.


path = graphpred2path(pred, D)


pred Row vector or matrix of predecessor node indices. The value of the root (or source) node in pred must be 0.
DDestination node in pred.



For introductory information on graph theory functions, see Graph Theory Functions.

path = graphpred2path(pred, D) traces back a path by following the predecessor list in pred starting at destination node D.

The value of the root (or source) node in pred must be 0. If a NaN is found when following the predecessor nodes, graphpred2path returns an empty path.

If pred is a ...And D is a ...Then path is a ...
row vector of predecessor node indicesscalarrow vector listing the nodes from the root (or source) to D.
row vectorrow cell array with every column containing the path to the destination for every element in D.
matrixscalarcolumn cell array with every row containing the path for every row in pred.
row vectormatrix cell array with every row containing the paths for the respective row in pred, and every column containing the paths to the respective destination in D.


If D is omitted, the paths to all the destinations are calculated for every predecessor listed in pred.


[1] Siek, J.G., Lee, L-Q, and Lumsdaine, A. (2002). The Boost Graph Library User Guide and Reference Manual, (Upper Saddle River, NJ:Pearson Education).

Version History

Introduced in R2006b

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R2022b: Removed

graphpred2path has been removed.