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Convert phytree object into relationship matrix


[Matrix, ID, Distances] = getmatrix(PhytreeObj)


PhytreeObj phytree object created by phytree (object constructor).


[Matrix, ID, Distances] = getmatrix(PhytreeObj) converts a phytree object, PhytreeObj, into a logical sparse matrix, Matrix, in which 1 indicates that a branch node (row index) is connected to its child (column index). The child can be either another branch node or a leaf node. ID is a column vector of strings listing the labels that correspond to the rows and columns of Matrix, with the labels from 1 to Number of Leaves being the leaf nodes, then the labels from Number of Leaves + 1 to Number of Leaves + Number of Branches being the branch nodes, and the label for the last branch node also being the root node. Distances is a column vector with one entry for every nonzero entry in Matrix traversed column-wise and representing the distance between the branch node and the child.


 T = phytreeread('pf00002.tree')
 [MATRIX, ID, DIST] = getmatrix(T); 

Version History

Introduced in R2006b