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Class: coder.make.BuildConfiguration
Namespace: coder.make

Determine if option exists


OutputValue = isOption(OptionName)


OutputValue = isOption(OptionName) returns '1' (true) if the specified option exists. Otherwise, it returns '0' (false).

Input Arguments

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BuildConfiguration handle, specified as a coder.make.BuildConfiguration object.

Example: h

Name of option, specified as a character vector. Choose a new option name.

Example: 'faster2'

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Option exists, returned as a logical value. If the option exists, the value is '1' (true). Otherwise, the output is '0' (false).


Using the Option-Related Methods Interactively

tc = coder.make.ToolchainInfo;
cfg = tc.getBuildConfiguration('Faster Builds');
cfg.isOption('X Compiler')
ans  = 

bi = coder.make.BuildItem('WV','wrongvalue')
bi = 

	Macro  : WV
	Value : wrongvalue
cfg.addOption('X Compiler',bi);
value = cfg.getOption('X Compiler')
value = 

	Macro  : WV
	Value : wrongvalue
cfg.setOption('X Compiler','rightvalue');
value = cfg.getOption('X Compiler')
value = 

	Macro  : WV
	Value : rightvalue

Version History

Introduced in R2013a