Measurements and Analysis


System Objects

comm.ACPR Adjacent Channel Power Ratio measurements
comm.CCDF Measure complementary cumulative distribution function
comm.ErrorRate Compute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVM Measure error vector magnitude
comm.MER Measure modulation error ratio


Error Rate Calculation Compute bit error rate or symbol error rate of input data
EVM Measurement Calculate vector magnitude difference between ideal reference signal and measured signal
MER Measurement Measure signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in digital modulation applications


berawgn Bit error rate (BER) for uncoded AWGN channels
bercoding Bit error rate (BER) for coded AWGN channels
berconfint Bit error rate (BER) and confidence interval of Monte Carlo simulation
berfading Bit error rate (BER) for Rayleigh and Rician fading channels
berfit Fit curve to nonsmooth empirical bit error rate (BER) data
bersync Bit error rate (BER) for imperfect synchronization
biterr Compute number of bit errors and bit error rate (BER)
commtest.ErrorRate Create error rate test console
distspec Compute distance spectrum of convolutional code
noisebw Equivalent noise bandwidth of filter
semianalytic Calculate bit error rate (BER) using semianalytic technique
marcumq Generalized Marcum Q function
qfunc Q function
qfuncinv Inverse Q function
symerr Compute number of symbol errors and symbol error rate
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