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Linear Analysis Using the Linear System Analyzer

In this example, you learn how to analyze the time-domain and frequency-domain responses of one or more linear models using the Linear System Analyzer app.

Before you can perform the analysis, you must have already created linear models in the MATLAB® workspace. For information on how to create a model, see Numeric Linear Time-Invariant Models.

To perform linear analysis:

  1. Open the Linear System Analyzer showing one or more models using the following syntax:

    By default, this syntax opens a step response plot of your models, as shown in the following figure.


    Alternatively, open Linear System Analyzer from the Apps tab in the MATLAB desktop. When you do so, select File > Import to load linear models from the MATLAB workspace or a MAT file.

  2. Add more plots to the Linear System Analyzer.

    1. Select Edit > Plot Configurations.

    2. In the Plot Configurations dialog box, select the number of plots to open.

  3. To view a different type of response on a plot, right-click and select a plot type.

  4. Analyze system performance. For example, you can analyze the peak response in the Bode plot and settling time in the step response plot.

    1. Right-click to select performance characteristics.

    2. Click on the dot that appears to view the characteristic value.

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