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Modify current value of Control Design Block


blk = setValue(blk0,val)


blk = setValue(blk0,val) modifies the parameter values in the tunable Control Design Block, blk0, to best match the values specified by val. An exact match can only occur when val is compatible with the structure of blk0.

Input Arguments


Control Design Block whose value is modified.


Specifies the replacement parameters values for blk0. The value val can be any value that is compatible with blk0 without changing the size, type, or sample time of blk0. For example, if blk0 is a tunablePID block, valid types for val include tunablePID, a numeric pid controller model, or a numeric tf model that represents a PID controller. setValue uses the parameter values of val to set the current value of blockname.

Output Arguments


Control Design Block of the same type as blk0, whose parameters are updated to best match the parameters of val.

Introduced in R2011b