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Display current value of Control Design Blocks in Generalized Model




showBlockValue(M) displays the current values of all Control Design Blocks in the Generalized Model, M. (For uncertain blocks, the “current value” is the nominal value of the block.)

Input Arguments


Generalized Model.


Create a tunable genss model, and display the current value of its tunable elements.

G = zpk([],[-1,-1],1);
C = tunablePID('C','PID');
a = realp('a',10);  
F = tf(a,[1 a]);
T = feedback(G*C,1)*F;

C =
Continuous-time I-only controller:
Ki * ---
With Ki = 0.001
a = 10


  • Displaying the current values of a model is useful, for example, after you have tuned the free parameters of the model using a tuning command such as systune.

  • showBlockValue displays the current values of all Control Design Blocks in a model, including tunable, uncertain, and switch blocks. To display the current values of only the tunable blocks, use showTunable.

Introduced in R2011b