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Total combined I/O delays for LTI model


td = totaldelay(sys)


td = totaldelay(sys) returns the total combined I/O delays for an LTI model sys. The matrix td combines contributions from the InputDelay, OutputDelay, and ioDelayMatrix properties.

Delays are expressed in seconds for continuous-time models, and as integer multiples of the sample period for discrete-time models. To obtain the delay times in seconds, multiply td by the sample time sys.Ts.


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Create the transfer function model, 1/s.

sys = tf(1,[1 0]);

Specify a 2 second input delay, and a 1.5 second output delay.

sys.InputDelay = 2;
sys.Outputdelay = 1.5;

Compute the combined input-output delay for sys.

td = totaldelay(sys)
td = 3.5000

The resulting transfer function has the following form:


This result is equivalent to specifying an input-output delay of 3.5 seconds for the original transfer function, 1/s.

Introduced before R2006a