Install National Instruments Device Support

Use this process to add support for National Instruments® devices. After you download and install the drivers, you can acquire and generate data using your National Instruments hardware and the session-based interface.

    Note:   You can use this support package only on a host computer running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows® that Data Acquisition Toolbox™ supports.

NIDAQmx Driver Requirements

You must install NIDAQmx driver. version 9.1 or newer. If you already have the correct version, do not install the support package.


    • Updating the support package re-installs the appropriate NIDAQmx drivers.

    • Uninstalling the support package removes only components installed with the support package. If you had NIDAQmx drivers before you installed the support package, those drivers will not be uninstalled.

Install Support Package

  1. Open MATLAB®.

  2. Click Add-Ons in the MATLAB Home menu.

  3. Select Get Hardware Support Packages.

  1. The Support Package Installer opens with Install from Internet selected. At Support package to install, select NI-DAQmx.

  1. Follow the support package installer prompts. When prompted, log into your MathWorks® account.

      Note:   You need write privileges for the Installation folder.

    At any time during this process, you can click Help for more information about downloading support packages.

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