Installation Information


To acquire live, measured data into the MATLAB® workspace, or to output data from the MATLAB software, you must install these components:

    Note:   If you have a hardware that is not supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox, see Unsupported Hardware.

Toolbox Installation

To determine if Data Acquisition Toolbox software is installed on your system, type


at the MATLAB prompt. The MATLAB Command Window lists information about the software versions you are running, including installed add-on products and their version numbers. Check the list to see if Data Acquisition Toolbox product appears. For information about installing the toolbox, see the MATLAB Installation documentation.

If you experience installation difficulties and have Web access, look for the license manager and installation information at the MathWorks Web site (

Hardware and Driver Installation

Installation of your hardware device, hardware drivers, and any other device-specific software is described in the documentation provided by your hardware vendor.

    Note   You need to install all necessary device-specific software provided by your hardware vendor in addition to Data Acquisition Toolbox software.

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