Measurement Computing Hardware

    Note:   You can use hardware from this vendor only with 32-bit MATLAB®. You can install a 32-bit MATLAB on 64-bit Windows®. For more information, see this technical bulletin.

  • For boards that do not have a channel gain list, an error occurs at start if all the channel input ranges are not the same or the channel scan order is not contiguous. However, if the ClockSource property value is set to software, this rule does not apply.

  • You should configure the SampleRate property with the setverify function just before starting the hardware. Note that the SampleRate value is dependent upon the number of channels added to the device object.

  • For boards that do not support continuous background transfer mode (i.e., the board does not have hardware clocking), the only available ClockSource property value is software.

  • When running at a sampling rate of 5000 Hz or higher and with a TransferMode property value of InterruptPerPoint, there may be a considerable decline in system performance.

  • Most boards do not support simultaneous input and output. However, if software clocking is used, then this limitation does not apply.

  • To use hardware digital triggers with the PCI-DAS4020/12 board, you must first configure the appropriate trigger mode with InstaCal.

  • Expansion boards are not supported. This includes the CIO-EXP family of products.

  • MEGA-FIFO hardware is not supported.

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