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Terminals available on device or CompactDAQ chassis


When working with the session-based interface, the Terminals on the device or the CompactDAQ chassis lists all available terminals. The list includes terminals available for trigger and clock connections. When you access the Terminals property on modules on a CompactDAQ chassis, the terminals are on the chassis, not on the module.


Display Device Terminals

Discover available devices.

d = daq.getDevices
d = 

Data acquisition devices:

index Vendor Device ID          Description          
----- ------ --------- ------------------------------
1     ni     cDAQ1Mod1 National Instruments NI 9205
2     ni     cDAQ1Mod2 National Instruments NI 9263
3     ni     cDAQ1Mod3 National Instruments NI 9234
4     ni     cDAQ1Mod4 National Instruments NI 9201
5     ni     cDAQ1Mod5 National Instruments NI 9402
6     ni     cDAQ1Mod6 National Instruments NI 9213
7     ni     cDAQ1Mod7 National Instruments NI 9219
8     ni     cDAQ1Mod8 National Instruments NI 9265

Access the Terminals property of NI 9205 with index 1.

ans =