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Simultaneous and Synchronized Operations

Acquire and generate analog data simultaneously, synchronize acquisition and generation


addTriggerConnectionAdd trigger connection
addClockConnectionAdd clock connection
removeConnectionRemove clock or trigger connection


DestinationIndicates trigger destination terminal
ExternalTriggerTimeoutIndicate if external trigger timed out
IsWaitingForExternalTriggerIndicates if synchronization is waiting for an external trigger
SourceIndicates trigger source terminal
TerminalsTerminals available on device or CompactDAQ chassis
TriggerConditionSpecify condition that must be satisfied before trigger executes
TriggersPerRunIndicate the number of times the trigger executes in an operation
TriggersRemainingIndicates the number of trigger to execute in an operation
TriggerTypeType of trigger executed
AutoSyncDSAAutomatically Synchronize DSA devices
EnhancedAliasRejectionEnableSet enhanced alias rejection mode


Synchronization Considerations

Trigger Connections

Simultaneously start all devices in the session.

Clock Connections

Synchronize operations on all connected devices in the session.


Overview of synchronizing devices with shared triggers and clocks.

Synchronize DSA Devices

Synchronize Digital Signal Analyzer product family devices for accurate audio frequency measurements.

Analog Device Synchronization

Acquire Voltage Data Using a Digital Trigger

This example shows how to use a falling edge digital trigger, which occurs when a switch closes on an external source.

Multiple-Chassis Synchronization with CompactDAQ Devices

Synchronize multiple CompactDAQ chassis

Multiple-Device Synchronization Using USB or PXI Devices

Synchronize multiple devices in a session using a shared clock and trigger.

Digital Device Synchronization

Acquire Digital Data Using an External Clock

Acquire digital data in the foreground using an external scan clock.

Acquire Digital Data Using a Shared Clock

Share the clock with the analog input subsystem on your device with the digital subsystem.

Acquire Digital Data Using a Counter Output Channel as External Clock

Acquire digital data using a counter output channel to generate clock pulses.

Simultaneous Operations

Acquire Data and Generate Signals Simultaneously

Acquire and generate data at the same time.

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