Database Toolbox

Exchange data with relational databases

Database Toolbox™ provides an app and functions for exchanging data between relational databases and MATLAB®. You can use SQL commands to read and write data or use the Database Explorer app to interact with a database without using SQL.

The toolbox supports ODBC-compliant and JDBC-compliant databases, including Oracle®, SAS®, MySQL®, Sybase®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Microsoft Access™, and PostgreSQL. You can apply simple and advanced conditions to database queries from MATLAB. The toolbox lets you access multiple databases simultaneously within a single MATLAB session and enables segmented import of large data sets.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Database Toolbox

Database Connection

Configure drivers and data sources, open, and close a database connection

Data Import into MATLAB

Import data from database into MATLAB workspace

Data Export from MATLAB

Export data from MATLAB into database