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Graph Database

Explore graph data in Neo4j® database using MATLAB® interface to Neo4j and perform graph network analysis

Connect to the Neo4j graph database using the MATLAB interface to Neo4j. Search the graph database data. Perform analysis with graph network algorithms using the MATLAB directed graph object. Traverse and analyze graph data by executing Cypher® queries using the Cypher query language. For details about the MATLAB interface to Neo4j, see Working with the MATLAB Interface to Neo4j.


neo4jConnect to Neo4j database
nodeDegreeIn- and out-degree for each associated relationship type for Neo4j database node
nodeLabelsAll node labels in Neo4j database
nodeRelationTypesAssociated relationship types for Neo4j database node
neo4jStruct2DigraphConvert graph or relationship structure from Neo4j database to directed graph
propertyKeysAll property keys in Neo4j database
relationTypesAll relationship types in Neo4j database
searchGraphSearch for subgraph or entire graph in Neo4j database
searchNodeSearch Neo4j database nodes by label or by property key and value
searchNodeByIDSearch for Neo4j database node by node identifier
searchRelationSearch relationships for Neo4j database node
executeCypherExecute Cypher query on Neo4j database

Using Objects

Neo4jConnectNeo4j database connection
Neo4jNodeNeo4j database node


About the MATLAB Interface to Neo4j

Working with the MATLAB Interface to Neo4j

Discover the Neo4j graph database and explore the MATLAB interface to Neo4j workflow.

Searching Graph Database Using MATLAB Interface to Neo4j

Conduct general or targeted searches.

Explore the Graph

Explore Graph Database Structure

Traverse the graph database structure.

Analyze Graph Data Using the MATLAB digraph Object

Determine Dependencies of Services in Network

Perform graph network analysis for dependencies.

Find Shortest Path Between People in Social Neighborhood

Perform graph network analysis for shortest path.

Find Friends of Friends in Social Neighborhood

Perform graph network analysis for successor nodes.


MATLAB Interface to Neo4j Error Messages

Address Neo4j database and MATLAB interface to Neo4j error messages.

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