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Working with Database Toolbox Preferences

Database Toolbox™ preferences enable you to specify the data return format of imported data and the method of error notification.

On the MATLAB® Toolstrip, in the Environment section, click Preferences and select Database Toolbox.

Specify preferences as described in this table, and click OK. For details, see the setdbprefs function.

PreferenceAcceptable ValuesDescription

Data return format

cellarray (default), table, numeric, or structure

Specifies a data format based on the type of data you are importing, memory considerations, and your preferred method of working with imported data.

  • cellarray — Imports nonnumeric data into MATLAB cell arrays.

  • table — Imports data into a MATLAB table. Use this value for all database data types.

  • numeric — Imports data into a MATLAB matrix of doubles. Nonnumeric data types are considered NULL. Use this value only when the format of the data to import is numeric, or when nonnumeric data to import is not relevant.

  • structure — Imports data into a MATLAB structure. Use this value for all database data types.

Error handling

store (default) or report

Specifies where error messages appear after connecting to a database or importing data.

  • store — Directs errors to the Message properties of the connection and cursor objects when you use the command line.

  • report — Displays query errors in the Command Window.

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