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Datafeed Toolbox Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category


blpBloomberg Desktop connection V3
blpsrvBloomberg Server connection V3
bpipeBloomberg B-PIPE connection V3
bdlBloomberg Data License connection
closeClose Bloomberg connection V3
categoryField category search for Bloomberg connection V3
dirCurrent Bloomberg Data License connection folder listing
eqsEquity screening data for Bloomberg connection V3
fieldinfoField information for Bloomberg connection V3
fieldsearchField search for Bloomberg connection V3
getProperties of Bloomberg connection V3
getbulkdataBulk data with header information for Bloomberg connection V3
getdataCurrent data for Bloomberg connection V3
historyHistorical data for Bloomberg connection V3
isconnectionDetermine Bloomberg connection V3
lookupFind information about securities for Bloomberg connection V3
portfolioCurrent portfolio data for Bloomberg connection V3
realtimeReal-time data for Bloomberg connection V3
stopUnsubscribe real-time requests for Bloomberg connection V3
tahistoryHistorical technical analysis for Bloomberg connection V3
timeseriesIntraday tick data for Bloomberg connection V3


factsetFactSet connection
fetchRequest data from FactSet
getRetrieve properties of FactSet connection object
isconnectionDetermine if connections to FactSet are valid
closeClose connection to FactSet
fdsFactSet Workstation connection
realtimeObtain real-time data from FactSet Workstation
stopCancel real-time request
closeDisconnect from FactSet Workstation

Thomson Reuters

Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)

reutersCreate Reuters sessions
fetchRequest data from Reuters data servers
getRetrieve properties of Reuters session objects
historyRequest data from Reuters Time Series One
stopUnsubscribe securities
closeRelease connections to Reuters data servers
addricCreate Reuters Instrument Code
contribContribute data to Reuters data feed
deletericDelete Reuters Instrument Code
rmdsconfigReuters Market Data System (RMDS) configuration editor

Thomson Reuters Elektron

elektronThomson Reuters Elektron Message API connection
closeClose Thomson Reuters Elektron connection
getdataThomson Reuters Elektron current market data
realtimeThomson Reuters Elektron real-time market data

Thomson Reuters NewsScope

rnseloaderRetrieve data from Reuters NewsScope sentiment archive file

Thomson Reuters Tick History

trthThomson Reuters Tick History connection
historyThomson Reuters Tick History historical data
timeseriesThomson Reuters Tick History intraday data

Other Service Providers

Economic Data


fredConnect to FRED data servers
fetchRequest data from FRED data servers
isconnectionDetermine if connections to FRED data servers are valid
closeClose connections to FRED data servers

Haver Analytics

haverConnect to local Haver Analytics database
aggregationSet Haver Analytics aggregation mode
fetchRequest data from Haver Analytics database
getRetrieve properties from Haver Analytics connection objects
infoRetrieve information about Haver Analytics variables
isconnectionDetermine if connections to Haver Analytics data servers are valid
nextinfoRetrieve information about next Haver Analytics variable
closeClose Haver Analytics database
havertoolRun Haver Analytics graphical user interface (GUI)

Financial Data

Datastream Web Services

datastreamwsDatastream Web Services connection
historyRetrieve Datastream Web Services historical data

IHS Markit

ihsmarkitrsIHS Markit connection
factorgroupsRetrieve factor group information
factorsRetrieve factor information
securityRetrieve security information
signalsRetrieve signal information
universesRetrieve universe information


iqfIQFEED Desktop API connection
historyIQFEED asynchronous historical end-of-period data
newsIQFEED asynchronous news data
realtimeIQFEED asynchronous level 1 data
marketdepthIQFEED asynchronous level 2 data
timeseriesIQFEED asynchronous intraday tick data
closeClose IQFEED ports

Kx Systems, Inc.

kxConnect to Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases
execRun Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ commands
fetchRequest data from Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases
getRetrieve Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ connection object properties
insertWrite data to Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases
isconnectionDetermine if connections to Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases are valid
tablesRetrieve table names from Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases
closeClose connections to Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases


moneynetCreate Money.Net connection
closeClose Money.Net connection
isconnectionDetermine if Money.Net connection is valid
getdataRetrieve Money.Net current data
getsubscriptionsRetrieve Money.Net subscribed symbols and event handler functions
newsSearch and stream Money.Net latest news stories
optionchainRetrieve Money.Net option symbols
realtimeRetrieve Money.Net real-time data
stopUnsubscribe Money.Net real-time data updates
timeseriesRetrieve Money.Net intraday and historical data


quandlQuandl connection
historyRetrieve Quandl historical data

SIX Financial Information

tlkrsSIX Financial Information connection
isconnectionDetermine if SIX Financial Information connection is valid
closeClose connection to SIX Financial Information
getdataCurrent SIX Financial Information data
historyEnd of day SIX Financial Information data
timeseriesSIX Financial Information intraday tick data
tkfieldtoidSIX Financial Information field names to identification string
tkidtofieldSIX Financial Information identification string to field name

News and Social Data

RavenPack News Analytics

ravenpackRavenPack News Analytics connection
entitlementsRavenPack News Analytics Data Gateway entitlements
timeseriesRavenPack News Analytics intraday and historical data
realtimeRavenPack News Analytics real-time data
rploaderRavenPack News Analytics file reader
closeClose RavenPack News Analytics connection


twitterTwitter connection object
searchSearch for Tweets
getdataRetrieve Twitter data
postdataPost Twitter data

Sports Data connection
fetchRetrieve data from
fetchUrlRetrieve data from with URL