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RavenPack News Analytics

Intraday, historical, and real-time news event data from the RavenPack® News Analytics data server

Datafeed Toolbox™ enables retrieval of news data from the RavenPack News Analytics data server. You can retrieve intraday, historical, and real-time news event data.

To use the RavenPack News Analytics software, you must first download it from the RavenPack Developer Zone.


ravenpackRavenPack News Analytics connection
entitlementsRavenPack News Analytics Data Gateway entitlements
timeseriesRavenPack News Analytics intraday and historical data
realtimeRavenPack News Analytics real-time data
rploaderRavenPack News Analytics file reader
closeClose RavenPack News Analytics connection


Workflow for RavenPack News Analytics

Connect to RavenPack News Analytics and retrieve various news data.

Determine the Event Volume Indicator Using RavenPack News Analytics

This example shows how to determine the Event Volume Indicator (EVI) from RavenPack News Analytics historical and intraday data.