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RavenPack News Analytics Data Gateway entitlements



e = entitlements(c) retrieves the RavenPack® News Analytics entitlements using the RavenPack News Analytics connection c.


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Create a RavenPack News Analytics connection c using the user name username and password pwd.

c = ravenpack('username','pwd');

Retrieve RavenPack News Analytics Data Gateway entitlements e.

e = entitlements(c);

Display the first two rows and columns of the entitlement data.

ans = 

          DISPLAYNAME                       NAME              
    _______________________    _______________________________

    'RPNA-4.0-EQUITIES'        '(entity-scores :rpna-4.0-eqt)'
    'RPNA-4.0-GLOBAL-MACRO'    '(entity-scores :rpna-4.0-mgp)'

e is a table that contains the entitlement data. These columns specify the name of the RavenPack symbols. You can retrieve RavenPack News Analytics data for the RavenPack symbols specified in each row of the table.

For details about the column names in the table, see the RavenPack Developer Zone Overview.

List all the columns in the entitlement data.

ans = 

  Columns 1 through 6


  Column 7


Close the RavenPack News Analytics connection.


Input Arguments

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RavenPack News Analytics connection, specified as a connection object created using ravenpack.

Output Arguments

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RavenPack News Analytics Data Gateway entitlements, returned as a table.


  • Before creating a RavenPack News Analytics connection:

    • Start the RavenPack Data Gateway process.

    • Add the full path of the Data Gateway Client JAR file to the static or dynamic Java® class path.

    For details, see ravenpack.

Introduced in R2015b