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MATLAB Parallel Cloud

MATLAB® Parallel Cloud™ allows you to run your applications that use parfor-loops and other Parallel Computing Toolbox™ features on MATLAB workers on MathWorks® Cloud. Develop your application on a multicore computer using Parallel Computing Toolbox, and scale up to the cloud with just a few clicks in MATLAB. Using MATLAB Parallel Cloud saves you the work and capital costs of setting up and running your own computer cluster hardware. MATLAB Parallel Cloud supports both interactive (parpool-based) parallelism and non-interactive parallelism (creating jobs or batch processing). For availability, prerequisites, current features, billing and access, see MATLAB Parallel Cloud. For a comparison with other MATLAB cloud computing options, see Scale Your Parallel Applications to the Cloud.

MATLAB Parallel Cloud is the default profile in MATLAB Online™.

Control the Size of Your MATLAB Parallel Cloud Cluster

Your MATLAB Parallel Cloud cluster changes size automatically based on your usage. When more workers are required, machines are automatically added to the cluster up to the value of the MaxNumMachines property. To configure the cluster, on the MATLAB Home tab, select Parallel > Manage Cluster Profiles. In the Cluster Profile Manager, select the MATLAB Parallel Cloud profile. See Create and Modify Cluster Profiles.

To view and edit all properties of the cluster programmatically, use the parallel.cluster.Cloud object. For details, see the Cloud properties here: parallel.Cluster.

Use MATLAB Drive to Share Files With a MATLAB Parallel Cloud Cluster

You can use MATLAB Drive™ for cloud storage provided by MathWorks. Use workers in a MATLAB Parallel Cloud cluster to access files in your MATLAB Drive.

Why should I use MATLAB Drive with MATLAB Parallel Cloud?

You can reduce time spent transferring data between your workstation and your MATLAB Parallel Cloud cluster by uploading files to MATLAB Drive.

How do I use MATLAB Drive with MATLAB Parallel Cloud?

1. Set up MATLAB Drive

Sign up for MATLAB Drive, see MATLAB Drive. The web page prompts you to sign up.

Install MATLAB Drive alongside your MATLAB installation.

2. Set up MATLAB Parallel Cloud

Sign up for MATLAB Parallel Cloud.

On the Home tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip, select Parallel > Default Cluster and choose the MATLAB Parallel Cloud profile.

3. Use MATLAB Drive and MATLAB Parallel Cloud
  • Change your current folder in your MATLAB client to a folder inside your MATLAB Drive folder. Then you can use files in your MATLAB Drive on your cluster.

  • When you add folders to your MATLAB path on your MATLAB client, they are automatically on the MATLAB path of workers in a parallel pool on your cluster.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Your current working folder must be within your MATLAB Drive folder on your workstation before you access files from your MATLAB Drive on a MATLAB Parallel Cloud cluster.

  • Note that there are limits to the amount of data you can transfer to a cluster.

    • For MATLAB Parallel Cloud, the combined size of all attached files for a job is limited to 4 GB. See also Transmitting Large Amounts of Data.

    • For MATLAB Drive, the maximum file size is equal to the quota of a licensed MATLAB Drive user (currently 5 GB).

  • The workers in your parallel pool can only access the files in your MATLAB Drive if your MATLAB client can see these files. You can achieve this, for example, if

    • your current working folder in your MATLAB client is in your MATLAB Drive;

    • your MATLAB client path contains folders in your MATLAB Drive.

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