Create Configuration for HERE HD Live Map Reader

In the HERE HD Live Map[1] (HERE HDLM) web service, map data is stored in a set of databases called catalogs. Each catalog corresponds to a different geographic region (North America, India, Western Europe, and so on). Previous versions of each catalog are also available from the service.

By creating a hereHDLMConfiguration object, you can configure a HERE HDLM reader to search for map data from only a specific catalog. These configurations speed up performance of the reader, because the reader does not search unnecessary catalogs for map data. You can also configure a reader to search from only a specific version of a catalog.

Configuring a HERE HDLM reader using a hereHDLMConfiguration object is optional. If you do not specify a configuration, by default, the reader searches for map tiles across all catalogs and returns map data from the latest version of that catalog.

Create Configuration for Specific Catalog

Configuring a HERE HDLM reader to search only a specific catalog can speed up performance.

Consider a driving route located in North America.

route = load(fullfile(matlabroot,'examples','driving','geoSequenceNatickMA.mat'));
lat = route.latitude;
lon = route.longitude;
title('Driving Route')

Suppose you want to read map data for that route from the HERE HDLM service. You can create a hereHDLMConfiguration object that configures a HERE HDLM reader to search for that map data within only the North America catalog.

config = hereHDLMConfiguration('North America');

If you do not specify such a configuration, by default, the reader searches all available catalogs for this map data.

To configure a HERE HDLM reader for a specific catalog, you can specify either the region name or catalog name. This table shows the HERE HDLM region names and corresponding production catalog names.

'Asia Pacific''here-hdmap-ext-apac-1'
'Eastern Europe''here-hdmap-ext-eeu-1'
'Middle East And Africa''here-hdmap-ext-mea-1'
'North America''here-hdmap-ext-na-1'
'South America''here-hdmap-ext-sam-1'
'Western Europe''here-hdmap-ext-weu-1'

Create Configuration for Specific Version

The HERE HDLM service also contains map data for previous versions of each catalog. You can configure a reader to access map data from a specific catalog version.

For example, create a configuration object for the previous version of the Western Europe catalog.

configLatest = hereHDLMConfiguration('Western Europe');
previousVersion = configLatest.CatalogVersion - 1;
configPrevious = hereHDLMConfiguration('WesternEurope',previousVersion);

The HERE HDLM service determines the availability of previous versions of the catalog. If you specify a version of the catalog that is not available, then the hereHDLMConfiguration object returns an error.

Configure Reader

To configure a HERE HDLM reader, specify the configuration object when you create the hereHDLMReader object. This configuration is stored in the Configuration property of the reader.

For example, create a HERE HDLM reader using the configuration and latitude-longitude coordinates that you created in the Create Configuration for Specific Catalog section. Your catalog version might differ from the one shown here. This reader is configured for the latest catalog version, but the HERE HDLM service is continually updated and frequently produces new map versions.

reader = hereHDLMReader(lat,lon,'Configuration',config);
  hereHDLMConfiguration with properties:

           Catalog: 'here-hdmap-ext-na-1'
    CatalogVersion: 2054

For details about creating HERE HDLM readers, see Create HERE HD Live Map Reader.

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[1] You need to enter into a separate agreement with HERE in order to gain access to the HDLM services and to get the required credentials (app_id and app_code) for using the HERE Service.