Enter HERE HD Live Map Credentials

To access the HERE HD Live Map[1] (HERE HDLM) web service, valid HERE credentials are required. You can obtain these credentials by entering into a separate agreement with HERE Technologies. The first time that you use a HERE HDLM function or object in a MATLAB® session, a dialog box prompts you to enter these credentials.

Enter a valid Access Key ID and Access Key Secret, and click OK. The credentials are now saved for the rest of your MATLAB session on your machine. To save your credentials for future MATLAB sessions on your machine, in the dialog box, select Save my credentials between MATLAB sessions. These credentials remain saved until you delete them.

To change your credentials, or to set up your credentials before using a HERE HDLM function or object such as hereHDLMReader or hereHDLMConfiguration, use the hereHDLMCredentials function.

hereHDLMCredentials setup

You can also use this function to later delete your saved credentials.

hereHDLMCredentials delete

After you enter your credentials, you can then configure your HERE HDLM reader to search for map data in only a specific geographic region. See Create Configuration for HERE HD Live Map Reader. Alternatively, you can create the reader without specifying a configuration. See Create HERE HD Live Map Reader.

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[1] You need to enter into a separate agreement with HERE in order to gain access to the HDLM services and to get the required credentials (access_key_id and access_key_secret) for using the HERE Service.