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Buffers, Switches, and Counters

Change sample rate or frame rate of signals, count events, detect edges, perform actions when events occur

System Objects

dsp.AsyncBuffer FIFO buffer
dsp.Buffer Buffer input signal
dsp.DelayLine Rebuffer sequence of inputs with one-sample shift
dsp.Counter Count up or down through specified range of numbers


rebuffer_delay Number of samples of delay introduced by buffering and unbuffering operations


Buffer Buffer input sequence to smaller or larger frame size
Delay Line Rebuffer sequence of inputs
Queue Store inputs in FIFO register
Stack Store inputs into LIFO register
Unbuffer Unbuffer input frame into sequence of scalar outputs
Counter Count up or down through specified range of numbers
Edge Detector Detect transition from zero to nonzero value
Event-Count Comparator Detect threshold crossing of accumulated nonzero inputs
Multiphase Clock Generate multiple binary clock signals
N-Sample Enable Output ones or zeros for specified number of sample times
N-Sample Switch Switch between two inputs after specified number of sample periods


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