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Scopes and Data Logging

Display and record data

System Objects

dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.LogicAnalyzerVisualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time
dsp.SignalSinkLog simulation data in buffer

Simulink Visualization Tool

Logic AnalyzerVisualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time


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Array PlotDisplay vectors or arrays
DisplayShow value of input
Spectrum AnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum
Time ScopeDisplay signals generated during simulation
Matrix ViewerDisplay matrices as color images
WaterfallView vectors of data over time
To WorkspaceWrite data to MATLAB workspace
Triggered To WorkspaceWrite input sample to MATLAB workspace when triggered


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hideHide scope window
showDisplay scope window
isVisibleDetermine visibility of scope
isNewDataReadyCheck spectrum analyzer for new data
getSpectrumDataSave spectrum data shown in spectrum analyzer
getSpectralMaskStatusGet test results of current spectral mask
addCursorAdd cursor to Logic Analyzer
addDividerAdd divider to Logic Analyzer
addWaveAdd wave to Logic Analyzer
deleteCursorDelete Logic Analyzer cursor
deleteDisplayChannelDelete Logic Analyzer channel
getCursorInfoReturn settings for Logic Analyzer cursor
getCursorTagsReturn all Logic Analyzer cursor tags
getDisplayChannelInfoReturn settings for Logic Analyzer display channel
getDisplayChannelTagsReturn all Logic Analyzer display channel tags
modifyCursorModify properties of Logic Analyzer cursor
modifyDisplayChannelModify properties of Logic Analyzer display channel
moveDisplayChannelMove position of Logic Analyzer display channel


ArrayPlotConfigurationArray Plot block appearance and behavior
SpectrumAnalyzerConfigurationConfigure Spectrum Analyzer for programmatic access
TimeScopeConfigurationControl Scope block appearance and behavior



Display Time-Domain Data

Display signals in the time domain

Display Frequency-Domain Data in Spectrum Analyzer

Display frequency-domain data in the Spectrum Analyzer block

Visualize Central Limit Theorem in Array Plot

Visualize Central Limit Theorem in Array Plot

Control Scopes Programmatically (Simulink)

Control scopes with programming scripts

Configure Spectrum Analyzer

Customize Spectrum Analyzer properties, set up spectral masks, and use measurement tools.

Configure Array Plot

Customize Array Plot properties and use measurement tools.

Configure Time Scope

Customize scope properties and use measurement tools.

Configure Logic Analyzer

Open the Logic Analyzer and select Settings from the toolstrip.

Common Scope Interactions

Step-by-step procedures of frequently carried out scope tasks

Inspect and Analyze Models in Simulink

Choose a Simulink® visualization tool.

Array Plot with Apple iOS Devices (Simulink Support Package for Apple iOS Devices)

Array Plot with Android Devices (Simulink Support Package for Android Devices)

This example shows how to create an Android™ app to plot vector or array data on an Android device using the Array Plot block of DSP System Toolbox™ through a Simulink® model.

Inspect and Measure Transitions Using the Logic Analyzer

Learn the basics of the Logic Analyzer.

Data Logging

Sample- and Frame-Based Concepts

Introduction to real-world sample- and frame-based signals, and how to model those signals in MATLAB® and Simulink

Inspect Sample and Frame Rates in Simulink

Learn how to determine the sample and frame rates of signals in your model

Export Signal Data Using Signal Logging (Simulink)

To capture signal data from a simulation, you can use signal logging. Mark the signals that you want to log and enable signal logging for the model.

Configure a Signal for Logging (Simulink)

Mark the signals that you want to log simulation data for.

Enable Signal Logging for a Model (Simulink)

To log signals marked for signal logging, set the Signal logging configuration parameter.

Featured Examples

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