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Financial Time Series app

ftstool will be removed in a future release and will no longer accept a fints object.

Use fts2timetable to convert a fints object to a timetable object. For more information, see Convert Financial Time Series Objects fints to Timetables.




ftstool creates and manages Financial Time Series objects. ftstool allows the creation and management of Financial Time Series objects via the Financial Time Series app. ftstool can interface with ftsgui, meaning Line Plots generated with ftstool can be analyzed with ftsgui. However, ftsgui must be running prior to the generation of any Line Plots.

The use of the Financial Time Series app is described in Getting Started with the Financial Time Series App.


Help menu item is not available for ftstool in MATLAB Online.



Alternatively, on the MATLAB® desktop toolstrip, click the Apps tab and in the apps gallery, under Computational Finance, click Financial Time Series. The Financial Time Series app opens. For an overview of the Financial Time Series app, see What Is the Financial Time Series App?.

Introduced in R2006b