Getting Started with Fixed-Point Designer


MATLAB Workflow

Create Fixed-Point Data in MATLAB

Fixed point basics

Perform Fixed-Point Arithmetic

“Perform Fixed-Point arithmetic”

View Fixed-Point Data

fi object display settings used in code examples

Accelerate Fixed-Point Simulation

This example shows how to accelerate fixed-point algorithms using fiaccel function.

Set Data Types Using Min/Max Instrumentation

This example shows how to set fixed-point data types by instrumenting MATLAB code for min/max logging and using the tools to propose data types.

Generate Fixed-Point C Code

Generate standalone fixed-point C code

Manually Convert a Floating-Point MATLAB Algorithm to Fixed Point

Manually convert floating-point MATLAB algorithm to fixed point

Simulink Workflow

Developing and Testing Fixed-Point Systems

Overview of the development cycle for simulating dynamic systems

Pass Fixed-Point Data Between Simulink Models and MATLAB

Read fixed-point data from MATLAB® into your Simulink® models, and log fixed-point information from your models and simulations to the workspace.

Configure Blocks with Fixed-Point Output

Create a fixed-point model by configuring Simulink blocks to output fixed-point signals.

Cast from Doubles to Fixed Point

Provides an example based on the fxpdemo_dbl2fix model, which highlights many of the key features of the Fixed-Point Designer™ software

Convert Floating-Point Model to Fixed Point

Details the steps taken to convert a floating-point model to fixed point.

Sharing Fixed-Point Models

Use data type override settings to share and edit a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer software.

About Fixed Point

Benefits of Using Fixed-Point Hardware

Fixed-Point Data Types

Fixed point data types

Precision and Range

Discusses the concepts behind arithmetic operations in Fixed-Point Designer


Discusses the types of scaling used in Fixed-Point Designer; binary point-only and [Slope Bias]

Arithmetic Operations

Introduces the concepts behind arithmetic operations in Fixed-Point Designer

Physical Quantities and Measurement Scales

Provides an overview of measurement scales and representing numbers


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