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Set or display property values for quantizer objects


set(q, PropertyValue1, PropertyValue2,...)




q.PropertyName = Value

s = set(q)


set(q, PropertyValue1, PropertyValue2,...) sets the properties of quantizer object q. If two property values conflict, the last value in the list is the one that is set.

set(q,s), where s is a structure whose field names are object property names, sets the properties named in each field name with the values contained in the structure.

set(q,pn,pv) sets the named properties specified in the cell array of strings pn to the corresponding values in the cell array pv.

set(q,'PropertyName1',PropertyValue1,'PropertyName2', PropertyValue2,...) sets multiple property values with a single statement.


You can use property name/property value string pairs, structures, and property name/property value cell array pairs in the same call to set.

q.PropertyName = Value uses dot notation to set property PropertyName to Value.

set(q) displays the possible values for all properties of quantizer object q.

s = set(q) returns a structure containing the possible values for the properties of quantizer object q.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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