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Direct Search

Pattern search solver for derivative-free optimization, constrained or unconstrained


patternsearchFind minimum of function using pattern search
optimoptionsCreate optimization options
psoptimgetObtain values of pattern search options structure
psoptimsetCreate pattern search options structure
resetoptionsReset options


Direct Search Optimization Basics

Optimize Using Pattern Search

Short descriptions of typical patternsearch uses and syntax.

Optimize Using the GPS Algorithm

Provides an example of solving an optimization problem using pattern search.

Constrained Minimization Using patternsearch

Examples of using linear constraints and nonlinear constraints in patternsearch.

Set Options

Shows how to set and examine options for patternsearch.

Search and Poll

Examples showing the utility of search in addition to poll methods.

Specialized Tasks

Polling Types

Examines the effects of polling options, including the UseCompletePoll option.

Set Mesh Options

Examines the effect of different mesh expansion and contraction factors.

Custom Plot Function

Shows how to write and use a plot function for patternsearch.

Vectorize the Objective and Constraint Functions

How to gain speed using vectorized function evaluations.

Optimize an ODE in Parallel

Optimizing an objective given by the solution to an ODE using patternsearch or ga in serial or parallel.

Direct Search Background

What Is Direct Search?

Introduces direct search and pattern search.

Pattern Search Terminology

Explains some basic pattern search terminology.

How Pattern Search Polling Works

Provides an overview of direct search algorithms.

Searching and Polling

Describes how search methods work with polling steps.

Setting Solver Tolerances

Stopping conditions and their associated options.

Nonlinear Constraint Solver Algorithm

Explains the Augmented Lagrangian Pattern Search (ALPS).

Pattern Search Options

Describes the options for pattern search.

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