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HDL Verifier Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
breakHdlSimExecute stop command in HDL simulator from MATLAB
dec2mvlConvert decimal integer to binary character vector or string scalar
dpigenGenerate SystemVerilog DPI component from MATLAB function
hdldaemonControl MATLAB server that supports interactions with HDL simulator
hdlsimmatlabLoad instantiated HDL design for verification with Cadence Incisive and MATLAB
hdlsimulinkLoad instantiated HDL design for cosimulation with Cadence Incisive and Simulink
hdlverifier.FILSimulation FIL simulation with MATLAB
hdlverifier.HDLCosimulationCreate a System object for HDL cosimulation with MATLAB
matlabcpAssociate MATLAB component function with instantiated HDL design
matlabtbSchedule MATLAB test bench session for instantiated HDL module
matlabtbevalCall specified MATLAB function once and immediately on behalf of instantiated HDL module
mvl2decConvert multivalued logic to decimal
nclaunchStart and configure Cadence Incisive simulators for use with HDL Verifier software
nomatlabtbEnd active MATLAB test bench and MATLAB component sessions
notifyMatlabServerSend HDL simulator event and process IDs to MATLAB server
pingHdlSimBlock cosimulation until HDL simulator is ready for simulation
programFPGA Load programming file onto FPGA
tclHdlSimExecute Tcl command in Incisive or ModelSim simulator
vsimStart and configure ModelSim for use with HDL Verifier
vsimmatlabLoad instantiated HDL module for verification with ModelSim and MATLAB
vsimulinkLoad instantiated HDL module for cosimulation with ModelSim and Simulink
waitForHdlClientWait until specified event ID is obtained or time-out occurs