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TLM Component Generation

Generating TLM Components for Virtual Platform Development

HDL Verifier™ lets you create a SystemC Transaction Level Model (TLM) that can be executed in any OSCI-compatible TLM 2.0 environment, including a commercial virtual platform.

When used with virtual platforms, HDL Verifier joins two different modeling environments: Simulink® for high-level algorithm development and virtual platforms for system architectural modeling. The Simulink modeling typically dispenses with implementation details of the hardware system such as processor and operating system, system initialization, memory subsystems, device configuration and control, and the particular hardware protocols for transferring data both internally and externally.

The virtual platform is a simulation environment that is concerned about the hardware details: it has components that map to hardware devices such as processors, memories, and peripherals, and a means to model the hardware interconnect between them.

Although many goals could be met with a virtual platform model, the ideal scenario for virtual platforms is to allow for software development—both high level application software and low-level device driver software—by having fairly abstract models for the hardware interconnect that allow the virtual platform to run at near real-time speeds, as demonstrated in the following diagram.

The functional model provides a sort of halfway point between the speed you can achieve with abstraction and the accuracy you get with implementation.

Typical Users and Applications

Using HDL Verifier and Simulink, you can create a TLM-compliant SystemC Transaction Level Model (TLM) that can be executed in any OSCI-compatible TLM environment, including a commercial virtual platform.

Typical users and applications include:

  • System-level engineers designing electronic system models that include architectural characteristics

  • Software developers who want to incorporate an algorithm into a virtual platform without using an instruction set simulator (ISS).

  • Hardware functional verification engineers. In this case, the algorithm represents a piece of hardware going into a chip.

Product Feature and Platform Support

Product FeatureRequired ProductsRecommended ProductsSupported Platforms
TLM GeneratorSimulink Coder™Embedded Coder® (Simulink Coder is also required)

Windows® 32-bit and 64-bit; Linux® 64-bit