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Code Generation

Generate C code and MEX functions for toolbox functions

MATLAB® Coder™ generates standalone C code from Image Processing Toolbox™ functions that have been enabled to support code generation. Using the toolbox with MATLAB Coder, you can generate ANSI-compliant C code or MEX functions.


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imreadRead image from graphics file
hsv2rgbConvert HSV colors to RGB
im2doubleConvert image to double precision
im2int16Convert image to 16-bit signed integers
im2singleConvert image to single precision
im2uint16Convert image to 16-bit unsigned integers
im2uint8Convert image to 8-bit unsigned integers
lab2rgbConvert CIE 1976 L*a*b* to RGB
rgb2grayConvert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2hsvConvert RGB colors to HSV
rgb2labConvert RGB to CIE 1976 L*a*b*
rgb2ycbcrConvert RGB color values to YCbCr color space
ycbcr2rgbConvert YCbCr color values to RGB color space
imbinarizeBinarize 2-D grayscale image or 3-D volume by thresholding
imquantizeQuantize image using specified quantization levels and output values
multithresh Multilevel image thresholds using Otsu’s method
adaptthreshAdaptive image threshold using local first-order statistics
otsuthreshGlobal histogram threshold using Otsu's method
demosaicConvert Bayer pattern encoded image to truecolor image
getrangefromclassDefault display range of image based on its class
label2rgbConvert label matrix into RGB image
iptcheckmapCheck validity of colormap
fitgeotransFit geometric transformation to control point pairs
imcropCrop image
imresizeResize image
imrotateRotate image
imtranslateTranslate image
imwarpApply geometric transformation to image
impyramidImage pyramid reduction and expansion
histeqEnhance contrast using histogram equalization
imadjustAdjust image intensity values or colormap
imabsdiffAbsolute difference of two images
imlincombLinear combination of images
imcomplementComplement image
imoverlayBurn binary mask into 2-D image
intlutConvert integer values using lookup table
stretchlimFind limits to contrast stretch image
bwareaopenRemove small objects from binary image
bwlookup Nonlinear filtering using lookup tables
bwmorphMorphological operations on binary images
imbothatBottom-hat filtering
imclearborderSuppress light structures connected to image border
imcloseMorphologically close image
imdilateDilate image
imerodeErode image
imextendedmaxExtended-maxima transform
imextendedminExtended-minima transform
imfillFill image regions and holes
imhmaxH-maxima transform
imhminH-minima transform
imopenMorphologically open image
imreconstructMorphological reconstruction
imregionalmaxRegional maxima
imregionalminRegional minima
imtophatTop-hat filtering
watershedWatershed transform
conndefCreate connectivity array
iptcheckconnCheck validity of connectivity argument
boundarymaskFind region boundaries of segmentation
bwboundariesTrace region boundaries in binary image
bwconncompFind connected components in binary image
bwdistDistance transform of binary image
bweulerEuler number of binary image
bwlabelLabel connected components in 2-D binary image
bwtraceboundaryTrace object in binary image
bwpackPack binary image
bwunpackUnpack binary image
bwperimFind perimeter of objects in binary image
bwselectSelect objects in binary image
edgeFind edges in intensity image
grayconnected Select contiguous image region with similar gray values
imgradient3Find 3-D gradient magnitude and direction of images
imgradientxyzFind the directional gradients of a 3-D image
houghHough transform
houghlinesExtract line segments based on Hough transform
houghpeaksIdentify peaks in Hough transform
getrangefromclassDefault display range of image based on its class
grayconnected Select contiguous image region with similar gray values
imfindcirclesFind circles using circular Hough transform
immse Mean-squared error
imoverlayBurn binary mask into 2-D image
label2idxConvert label matrix to cell array of linear indices
mean2Average or mean of matrix elements
psnrPeak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR)
regionprops Measure properties of image regions
superpixels2-D superpixel oversegmentation of images
superpixels33-D superpixel oversegmentation of 3-D image
imfilterN-D filtering of multidimensional images
imboxfilt2-D box filtering of images
imgaborfilt Apply Gabor filter or set of filters to 2-D image
imgaussfilt2-D Gaussian filtering of images
fspecialCreate predefined 2-D filter
integralBoxFilter2-D box filtering of integral images
integralImageCalculate integral image
medfilt22-D median filtering
ordfilt22-D order-statistic filtering
padarrayPad array


imref2d Reference 2-D image to world coordinates
imref3d Reference 3-D image to world coordinates
affine2d2-D affine geometric transformation
projective2d 2-D projective geometric transformation
strelMorphological structuring element
offsetstrelMorphological offset structuring element


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