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GPU Computing

Run image processing code on a graphics processing unit (GPU)

To take advantage of the performance benefits offered by a modern graphics processing unit (GPU), certain Image Processing Toolbox™ functions can perform image processing operations on a GPU. These functions provide GPU acceleration for complicated image processing workflows.


im2doubleConvert image to double precision
im2singleConvert image to single precision
im2uint8Convert image to 8-bit unsigned integers
im2uint16Convert image to 16-bit unsigned integers
imnoiseAdd noise to image
mat2grayConvert matrix to grayscale image
rgb2grayConvert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2ycbcrConvert RGB color values to YCbCr color space
ycbcr2rgbConvert YCbCr color values to RGB color space
imshowDisplay image
imregdemonsEstimate displacement field that aligns two 2-D or 3-D images
imresizeResize image
imrotateRotate image
histeqEnhance contrast using histogram equalization
imabsdiffAbsolute difference of two images
imadjustAdjust image intensity values or colormap
imcomplementComplement image
imfilterN-D filtering of multidimensional images
imlincombLinear combination of images
medfilt22-D median filtering
normxcorr2Normalized 2-D cross-correlation
padarrayPad array
stdfiltLocal standard deviation of image
stretchlimFind limits to contrast stretch image
bwlookup Nonlinear filtering using lookup tables
bwmorphMorphological operations on binary images
imbothatBottom-hat filtering
imcloseMorphologically close image
imdilateDilate image
imerodeErode image
imfillFill image regions and holes
imopenMorphologically open image
imreconstructMorphological reconstruction
imtophatTop-hat filtering
bwdistDistance transform of binary image
bwlabelLabel connected components in 2-D binary image
corr22-D correlation coefficient
edgeFind edges in intensity image
imgradient Gradient magnitude and direction of an image
imgradientxy Directional gradients of an image
imhistHistogram of image data
iradonInverse Radon transform
mean2Average or mean of matrix elements
radonRadon transform
regionprops Measure properties of image regions
std2Standard deviation of matrix elements


Image Processing on a GPU

Take advantage of graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration for complicated image processing workflows.

Perform Thresholding and Morphological Operations on a GPU

This example shows how to perform image processing operations on a GPU.

List of Supported Functions with Limitations and Other Notes

See the list of toolbox functions that support GPU computing.

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