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Specify callback function to execute when predefined period passes


You configure TimerFcn to execute a callback function when a timer event occurs. A timer event occurs when the time specified by the TimerPeriod property passes. Time is measured relative to when the object is connected to the instrument with fopen.


A timer event can be generated at any time during the instrument control session.

If the RecordStatus property value is on, and a timer event occurs, the record file records this information:

  • The event type as Timer

  • The time the event occurred using the format day-month-year hour:minute:second:millisecond

Some timer events might not be processed if your system is significantly slowed or if the TimerPeriod value is too small.

To learn how to create a callback function, refer to Creating and Executing Callback Functions.



Any instrument object

Read only


Data type

Callback function


The default value is an empty character vector.

See Also


fopen, record