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MATLAB Parallel Server Licensing in the Cloud

Configure your MATLAB® Parallel Server™ license for use on Azure® and AWS®

These topics show administrators how to set up a MATLAB Parallel Server license for use with the MATLAB Parallel Server cloud reference architecture. If you are an end user, contact your administrator.

If you have questions about any part of this license configuration process, contact Cloud Support.


Before You Begin

Learn what you need to have and what you need to know before beginning.

Select Licensing Configuration Option

Determine which license configuration option is right for your objective.

License Manager Configuration

Change License Manager Type

Sign in to your MathWorks Account.

Add End Users to License

For online licensing to know which users have permission to check out a license, you must define a list of allowed users for that license.

Disable Network License Manager for MATLAB Parallel Server

To change your installed network license manager to online licensing, you must shut down the service and either delete the license (if the license manager was only for MATLAB Parallel Server) or modify the license (if license manager is managing other products in addition to the server).