3-D Coordinate Systems

Convert among geodetic, geocentric, and local vertical coordinates; find intersection with spheroid


geodetic2ecefTransform geodetic to geocentric (ECEF) coordinates
ecef2geodeticTransform geocentric (ECEF) to geodetic coordinates
ecefOffsetCartesian ECEF offset between geodetic positions
lookAtSpheroidLine of sight intersection with oblate spheroid
geodetic2aerGeodetic to local spherical AER
aer2geodeticLocal spherical AER to geodetic
ecef2aerGeocentric ECEF to local spherical AER
aer2ecefLocal spherical AER to geocentric ECEF
geodetic2enuGeodetic to local Cartesian ENU
enu2geodeticLocal Cartesian ENU to geodetic
aer2enuLocal spherical AER to local Cartesian ENU
enu2aerLocal Cartesian ENU to local spherical AER
ecef2enuGeocentric ECEF to local Cartesian ENU
enu2ecefLocal Cartesian ENU to geocentric ECEF
ecef2enuvRotate vector from geocentric ECEF to local ENU
enu2ecefvRotate vector from local ENU to geocentric ECEF
geodetic2nedGeodetic to local Cartesian NED
ned2geodeticLocal Cartesian NED to geodetic
aer2nedLocal spherical AER to local Cartesian NED
ned2aerLocal Cartesian NED to local spherical AER
ecef2nedGeocentric ECEF to local Cartesian NED
ned2ecefLocal Cartesian NED to geocentric ECEF
ecef2nedvRotate vector from geocentric ECEF to local NED
ned2ecefvRotate vector from local NED to geocentric ECEF

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