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Mapping Toolbox Classes

Alphabetical List By Category

File Import and Export

Standard File Formats

map.geotiff.RPCCoefficientTag Rational Polynomial Coefficients Tag

Web Maps

Web Map Service

WebMapServer Web map server object
WMSCapabilities Web Map Service capabilities object
WMSLayer Web Map Service layer object
WMSMapRequest Web Map Service map request object

Data Analysis

Vector Data

geopoint Geographic point vector
geoshape Geographic shape vector
mappoint Planar point vector
mapshape Planar shape vector

Raster Data

map.rasterref.MapCellsReference Reference raster cells to map coordinates
map.rasterref.MapPostingsReference Reference raster postings to map coordinates
map.rasterref.GeographicCellsReference Reference raster cells to geographic coordinates
map.rasterref.GeographicPostingsReference Reference raster postings to geographic coordinates

Geometric Geodesy

Modeling the Earth

oblateSpheroid Oblate ellipsoid of revolution
referenceEllipsoid Reference ellipsoid
referenceSphere Reference sphere
map.geodesy.AuthalicLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and authalic latitudes
map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and conformal latitudes
map.geodesy.IsometricLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and isometric latitudes
map.geodesy.RectifyingLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and rectifying latitudes
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