View Multiple Web Maps in a Browser

Using the web map browser tiling options you can get multiple views of the same location in different base layer maps.

The following example opens several web maps, zooming in on a particular geographic feature of interest. Then, using the tiling options, displays the two maps side-by-side and changes the base layer in one of the maps.

  1. Open two copies of the same web map, getting handles to each copy. Each call to webmap creates a new web map tab in the browser. Note the tabs for each map.

    lat = 39.94509; 
    lon = -105.37008; 
    zoom = 14; 
    wm1 = webmap('usgsshadedtopographicmap'); 
    wmcenter(wm1, lat, lon, zoom) 
    wm2 = webmap('usgstopographicimagery'); 
    wmcenter(wm2, lat, lon, zoom)

  2. Display the maps side-by-side, using the tiling options in the web map tool bar.

  3. View two different views of the same location, side-by-side.

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