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Mapping Toolbox Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

File Import and Export

Standard File Formats

arcgridreadRead gridded data set in ArcGrid ASCII or GridFloat format
sdtsdemreadRead data from SDTS raster/DEM data set
sdtsinfoInformation about SDTS data set
worldfilereadRead world file and return referencing object or matrix
worldfilewriteWrite world file from referencing object or matrix
getworldfilenameDerive worldfile name from image filename
geotiff2mstructConvert GeoTIFF information to map projection structure
geotiffinfoInformation about GeoTIFF file
geotiffreadRead GeoTIFF file
geotiffwriteWrite GeoTIFF file
kmlwriteWrite geographic data to KML file
kmlwritelineWrite geographic line data to KML file
kmlwritepoint Write geographic point data to KML file
kmlwritepolygonWrite geographic polygon to KML file
gpxreadRead GPX file
makeattribspecAttribute specification from geographic data structure
shapeinfoInformation about shapefile
shapereadRead vector features and attributes from shapefile
shapewriteWrite geographic vector data structure to shapefile
makedbfspecDBF specification from geographic data structure
imreadRead image from graphics file
imwriteWrite image to graphics file
RPCCoefficientTag Rational Polynomial Coefficients Tag

Gridded Terrain and Bathymetry Products

demdatauiUI for selecting digital elevation data
dtedRead U.S. Department of Defense Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED)
dtedsDTED filenames for latitude-longitude quadrangle
etopoRead gridded global relief data (ETOPO products)
etopo5Read global 5-min digital terrain data
globedemRead Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE) data
globedemsGLOBE data filenames for latitude-longitude quadrangle
gtopo30Read 30-arc-second global digital elevation data (GTOPO30)
gtopo30sGTOPO30 data filenames for latitude-longitude quadrangle
satbathRead 2-minute terrain/bathymetry from Smith and Sandwell
tbaseRead 5-minute global terrain elevations from TerrainBase
usgs24kdemRead USGS 7.5 minute (30 meter or 10 meter) Digital Elevation Models
usgsdemRead USGS 1-degree (3-arc-second) Digital Elevation Model
usgsdemsUSGS 1-degree (3-arc-sec) DEM filenames for latitude-longitude quadrangle

Specific Vector and Gridded Data Products

avhrrgoodeRead AVHRR data product stored in Goode Projection
avhrrlambertRead AVHRR data product stored in eqaazim projection
egm96geoidRead 15-minute gridded geoid heights from EGM96
gshhsRead Global Self-Consistent Hierarchical High-Resolution Geography
vmap0dataRead selected data from Vector Map Level 0
vmap0readRead Vector Map Level 0 file
vmap0rheadRead Vector Map Level 0 file headers
vmap0uiUI for selecting data from Vector Map Level 0

Web Maps

Web Map Display

webmap Open web map
wmclose Close web map
wmprint Print web map
wmmarker Display geographic marker on web map
wmline Display geographic line on web map
wmpolygonDisplay geographic polygon on web map
wmremove Remove overlay on web map
wmcenterSet or obtain web map center point
wmzoomSet or obtain zoom level of web map
wmlimits Set or obtain web map limits
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap

Web Map Service

wmsfindSearch local database for Web map servers and layers
wmsinfoInformation about WMS server from capabilities document
wmsreadRetrieve WMS map from server
wmsupdateSynchronize WMSLayer object with server
WebMapServerWeb map server
WMSCapabilities Web Map Service capabilities document
WMSLayer Web Map Service layer
WMSMapRequest Web Map Service map request

Map Display

Map Axes

axesmCreate map axes
axesmuiDefine map axes and modify map projection and display properties
clmaClear current map axes
gcmCurrent map projection structure
getmMap object properties
handlemHandles of displayed map objects
handlem-uiGUI for selecting mapped objects
ismapTrue for axes with map projection
setmSet properties of map axes and graphics objects
showaxesToggle display of map coordinate axes
tightmapRemove white space around map
usamapConstruct map axes for United States of America
worldmapConstruct map axes for given region of world
namemNames of graphics objects
tagmSet Tag property of map graphics object

Map Customization

framemToggle and control display of map frame
ingeoquadTrue for points inside or on lat-lon quadrangle
gridmToggle and control display of graticule lines
angl2strConvert angles to character array
mlabelToggle and control display of meridian labels
mlabelzero22piConvert meridian labels to 0-360 degree range
northarrowAdd graphic element pointing to geographic North Pole
plabelToggle and control display of parallel labels
rotatetextRotate text to projected graticule
scalerulerAdd or modify graphic scale on map axes

Vector and Raster Map Display

geoshowDisplay map latitude and longitude data
grid2imageDisplay regular data grid as image
fillmProject filled 2-D patch objects on map axes
linemProject line object on map axes
makesymbolspecConstruct vector layer symbolization specification
mapshowDisplay map data without projection
meshmProject regular data grid on map axes
patchesmProject patches on map axes as individual objects
patchmProject patch objects on map axes
pcolormProject regular data grid on map axes in z = 0 plane
plotmProject 2-D lines and points on map axes
plot3mProject 3-D lines and points on map axes
surfmProject geolocated data grid on map axes
usamapConstruct map axes for United States of America
worldmapConstruct map axes for given region of world

3-D Map Display

camposmSet camera position using geographic coordinates
camtargmSet camera target using geographic coordinates
camupmSet camera up vector using geographic coordinates
daspectmControl vertical exaggeration in map display
demcmapColormaps appropriate to terrain elevation data
lightmProject light objects on map axes
meshlsrm3-D lighted shaded relief of regular data grid
shaderelConstruct cdata and colormap for shaded relief
surflm3-D shaded surface with lighting on map axes
surflsrm3-D lighted shaded relief of geolocated data grid
surfacemProject and add geolocated data grid to current map axes
zdatamAdjust z-plane of displayed map objects

Thematic Maps

clabelmAdd contour labels to map contour display
clegendmAdd legend labels to map contour display
contourcbarColor bar for filled contour map display
contourcmapContour colormap and colorbar for current axes
contourmProject 2-D contour plot of map data
contour3mProject 3-D contour plot of map data
contourfmProject filled 2-D contour plot of map data
quivermProject 2-D quiver plot on map axes
quiver3mProject 3-D quiver plot on map axes
scattermProject point markers with variable color and area
stem3mProject stem plot on map axes
symbolmProject point markers with variable size
polcmap Create colormap appropriate to political regions

Interact with Maps

clrmenuAdd colormap menu to figure window
gcpmapCurrent mouse point from map axes
gtextmPlace text on map using mouse
inputmLatitudes and longitudes of mouse-click locations
maptoolAdd menu-activated tools to map figure
maptrimInteractively trim and convert map data from vector to raster format
mapviewInteractive map viewer
originuiInteractively modify map origin
paralleluiInteractively modify map parallels

Data Analysis

Vector Data

closePolygonPartsClose all rings in multipart polygon
extractfieldField values from structure array
interpmDensify latitude-longitude sampling in lines or polygons
intrplatInterpolate latitude at given longitude
intrplonInterpolate longitude at given latitude
isShapeMultipartTrue if polygon or line has multiple parts
linecircIntersections of circles and lines in Cartesian plane
maptrimlTrim lines to latitude-longitude quadrangle
maptrimpTrim polygons to latitude-longitude quadrangle
reducemReduce density of points in vector data
removeExtraNanSeparatorsClean up NaN separators in polygons and lines
buffermBuffer zones for latitude-longitude polygons
flatearthpolyInsert points along date line to pole
ispolycwTrue if polygon vertices are in clockwise order
poly2ccwConvert polygon contour to counterclockwise vertex ordering
poly2cwConvert polygon contour to clockwise vertex ordering
poly2fvConvert polygonal region to patch faces and vertices
polyboolSet operations on polygonal regions
polyshape2-D polygons
polyxpolyIntersection points for lines or polygon edges
polyjoinConvert line or polygon parts from cell arrays to vector form
polymergeMerge line segments with matching endpoints
polysplitConvert line or polygon parts from vector form to cell arrays
geopointGeographic point vector
geoshapeGeographic shape vector
mappointPlanar point vector
mapshapePlanar shape vector

Raster Data

maprefcellsReference raster cells to map coordinates
maprefpostingsReference raster postings to map coordinates
georefcellsReference raster cells to geographic coordinates
georefpostingsReference raster postings to geographic coordinates
georasterrefConstruct geographic raster reference object
maprasterrefConstruct map raster reference object
makerefmatConstruct affine spatial-referencing matrix
refmatToGeoRasterReferenceReferencing matrix to geographic raster reference object
refmatToMapRasterReferenceReferencing matrix to map raster reference object
refmatToWorldFileMatrixConvert referencing matrix to world file matrix
refvecToGeoRasterReferenceReferencing vector to geographic raster reference object
worldFileMatrixToRefmatConvert world file matrix to referencing matrix
geopeaksGenerate synthetic data set on sphere
geointerpGeographic raster interpolation
mapinterpMap raster interpolation
geocontourxyContour grid in local system with latitude-longitude results
geoloc2gridConvert geolocated data array to regular data grid
imbedmEncode data points into regular data grid
ltln2valExtract data grid values for specified locations
mapoutlineCompute outline of georeferenced image or data grid
resizemResize regular data grid
limitmDetermine latitude and longitude limits of regular data grid
GeographicCellsReferenceReference raster cells to geographic coordinates
GeographicPostingsReferenceReference raster postings to geographic coordinates
MapCellsReference Reference raster cells to map coordinates
MapPostingsReference Reference raster postings to map coordinates

Convert Between Vector and Raster Data

mapprofileInterpolate between waypoints on regular data grid
vec2mtxConvert latitude-longitude vectors to regular data grid

Terrain Data Analysis

gradientmCalculate gradient, slope, and aspect of data grid
los2Line-of-sight visibility between two points in terrain
viewshedAreas visible from point on terrain elevation grid

Geometric Geodesy

Modeling the Earth

wgs84EllipsoidReference ellipsoid for World Geodetic System 1984
earthRadiusMean radius of planet Earth
rcurveEllipsoidal radii of curvature
rsphereRadii of auxiliary spheres
geocentricLatitudeConvert geodetic to geocentric latitude
parametricLatitudeConvert geodetic to parametric latitude
geodeticLatitudeFromGeocentricConvert geocentric to geodetic latitude
geodeticLatitudeFromParametricConvert parametric to geodetic latitude
axes2eccEccentricity of ellipse from axes lengths
majaxisSemimajor axis of ellipse
minaxisSemiminor axis of ellipse
ecc2flatFlattening of ellipse from eccentricity
flat2eccEccentricity of ellipse from flattening
ecc2nThird flattening of ellipse from eccentricity
n2eccEccentricity of ellipse from third flattening
oblateSpheroidOblate ellipsoid of revolution
referenceEllipsoidReference ellipsoid
referenceSphereReference ellipsoid
AuthalicLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and authalic latitudes
ConformalLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and conformal latitudes
IsometricLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and isometric latitudes
RectifyingLatitudeConverter Convert between geodetic and rectifying latitudes

3-D Coordinate Systems

geodetic2ecefTransform geodetic to geocentric (ECEF) coordinates
ecef2geodeticTransform geocentric (ECEF) to geodetic coordinates
ecefOffsetCartesian ECEF offset between geodetic positions
lookAtSpheroidLine of sight intersection with oblate spheroid
geodetic2aerGeodetic to local spherical AER
aer2geodeticLocal spherical AER to geodetic
ecef2aerGeocentric ECEF to local spherical AER
aer2ecefLocal spherical AER to geocentric ECEF
geodetic2enuGeodetic to local Cartesian ENU
enu2geodeticLocal Cartesian ENU to geodetic
aer2enuLocal spherical AER to local Cartesian ENU
enu2aerLocal Cartesian ENU to local spherical AER
ecef2enuGeocentric ECEF to local Cartesian ENU
enu2ecefLocal Cartesian ENU to geocentric ECEF
ecef2enuvRotate vector from geocentric ECEF to local ENU
enu2ecefvRotate vector from local ENU to geocentric ECEF
geodetic2nedGeodetic to local Cartesian NED
ned2geodeticLocal Cartesian NED to geodetic
aer2nedLocal spherical AER to local Cartesian NED
ned2aerLocal Cartesian NED to local spherical AER
ecef2nedGeocentric ECEF to local Cartesian NED
ned2ecefLocal Cartesian NED to geocentric ECEF
ecef2nedvRotate vector from geocentric ECEF to local NED
ned2ecefvRotate vector from local NED to geocentric ECEF

Lengths and Angles

deg2radConvert angle from degrees to radians
rad2degConvert angle from radians to degrees
degrees2dm Convert degrees to degrees-minutes
degrees2dms Convert degrees to degrees-minutes-seconds
dm2degrees Convert degrees-minutes to degrees
dms2degrees Convert degrees-minutes-seconds to degrees
toDegrees Convert angles to degrees
toRadians Convert angles to radians
fromDegrees Convert angles from degrees
fromRadians Convert angles from radians
wrapTo180Wrap angle in degrees to [-180 180]
wrapTo360Wrap angle in degrees to [0 360]
wrapToPiWrap angle in radians to [−pi pi]
wrapTo2PiWrap angle in radians to [0 2*pi]
unwrapMultipartUnwrap vector of angles with NaN-delimited parts
km2nmConvert kilometers to nautical miles
km2smConvert kilometers to statute miles
nm2kmConvert nautical miles to kilometers
nm2smConvert nautical to statute miles
sm2kmConvert statute miles to kilometers
sm2nmConvert statute to nautical miles
deg2kmConvert spherical distance from degrees to kilometers
deg2nmConvert spherical distance from degrees to nautical miles
deg2smConvert spherical distance from degrees to statute miles
km2degConvert spherical distance from kilometers to degrees
km2radConvert spherical distance from kilometers to radians
nm2degConvert spherical distance from nautical miles to degrees
nm2radConvert spherical distance from nautical miles to radians
rad2kmConvert spherical distance from radians to kilometers
rad2nmConvert spherical distance from radians to nautical miles
rad2smConvert spherical distance from radians to statute miles
sm2degConvert spherical distance from statute miles to degrees
sm2radConvert spherical distance from statute miles to radians
str2angleConvert text to angles in degrees
map.geodesy.isDegree True if input matches 'degree' and false if 'radian'
validateLengthUnitValidate and standardize length unit
unitsratioUnit conversion factors

Great Circles, Geodesics, and Rhumb Lines

azimuthAzimuth between points on sphere or ellipsoid
departureDeparture of longitudes at specified latitudes
distanceDistance between points on sphere or ellipsoid
gc2scCenter and radius of great circle
gcxgcIntersection points for pairs of great circles
gcxscIntersection points for great and small circle pairs
meridianarcEllipsoidal distance along meridian
meridianfwdReckon position along meridian
reckonPoint at specified azimuth, range on sphere or ellipsoid
rhxrhIntersection points for pairs of rhumb lines
track1Geographic tracks from starting point, azimuth, and range
track2Geographic tracks from starting and ending points
trackgGreat circle or rhumb line defined via mouse input
trackuiGUI to display great circles and rhumb lines on map axes

Small Circles and Ellipses

ellipse1Geographic ellipse from center, semimajor axes, eccentricity, and azimuth
gcxscIntersection points for great and small circle pairs
scircle1Small circles from center, range, and azimuth
scircle2Small circles from center and perimeter
scirclegSmall circle defined via mouse input
scircluiGUI to display small circles on map axes
scxscIntersection points for pairs of small circles
sectorgSector of small circle defined via mouse input

Zones, Lunes, Quadrangles, and Other Areas

areaintSurface area of polygon on sphere or ellipsoid
areamatSurface area covered by nonzero values in binary data grid
areaquadSurface area of latitude-longitude quadrangle
bufgeoquadExpand limits of geographic quadrangle
geoquadlineGeographic quadrangle bounding multi-part line
geoquadptGeographic quadrangle bounding scattered points
ingeoquadTrue for points inside or on lat-lon quadrangle
intersectgeoquadIntersection of two latitude-longitude quadrangles
outlinegeoquadPolygon outlining geographic quadrangle

Coordinate Reference Systems

Projected Coordinate Reference Systems

defaultmInitialize or reset map projection structure
geotiff2mstructConvert GeoTIFF information to map projection structure
maplistAvailable Mapping Toolbox map projections
mapsList available map projections and verify names
mfwdtranProject geographic features to map coordinates
minvtranUnproject features from map to geographic coordinates
projlistMap projections supported by projfwd and projinv
vfwdtranDirection angle in map plane from azimuth on ellipsoid
vinvtranAzimuth on ellipsoid from direction angle in map plane

Map Scales and Distortions

clipdataClip data at +/-pi in longitude, +/-pi in latitude
distortcalcDistortion parameters for map projections
maptrimsTrim regular data grid to latitude-longitude quadrangle
mdistortDisplay contours of constant map distortion
tissotProject Tissot indicatrices on map axes

Universal Transverse Mercator System

utmgeoidSelect ellipsoids for given UTM zone
utmzoneSelect UTM zone given latitude and longitude
utmzoneuiChoose or identify UTM zone by clicking map

Geographic Coordinate Reference Systems

mfwdtranProject geographic features to map coordinates
minvtranUnproject features from map to geographic coordinates
projfwdForward map projection using PROJ.4 map projection library
projinvInverse map projection using PROJ.4 map projection library
antipodePoint on opposite side of globe
newpoleOrigin vector to place specific point at pole
org2polLocation of north pole in rotated map
putpoleOrigin vector to place north pole at specified point
rotatemTransform vector map data to new origin and orientation