Geographic Coordinate Reference Systems

Transform data to and from Geographic Coordinate Systems (GCS) and projected coordinate systems


mfwdtranProject geographic features to map coordinates
minvtranUnproject features from map to geographic coordinates
projfwdForward map projection using PROJ.4 map projection library
projinvInverse map projection using PROJ.4 map projection library
antipodePoint on opposite side of globe
newpoleOrigin vector to place specific point at pole
org2polLocation of north pole in rotated map
putpoleOrigin vector to place north pole at specified point
rotatemTransform vector map data to new origin and orientation


Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and longitude specify the position of a point on the surface of a planet. They are defined as angles between the point, the equator, and the axis of rotation.

Rotational Transformations on the Globe

You can redefine a coordinate system and transform all points to the new coordinate system. The transformation can be useful independent of map displays.